Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Notes on Armstrong and Wildman

Key Take Aways:

  • (68) We have to notice.  Don't be afraid to see race.  This article gives us permission and language to use when talking about race. This article gave concrete examples about HOW.
  • (67, 73) Not enough to Notice but also to acknowledge the privilege associated with it
  • (68)  Provides vocabulary for teaching across racial lines.
  • (73) Looking for the Me -- helps build bridges
  • (66) Not the responsibility of students of color to talk about race
  • (76) No magic wand here
  • (71) White people have race (cooshball)
  • (69)  Notice race for 24 hours
  • (69) Silence is a privilege
--> Intersectionality -- seeing oppression as connected (just need to be careful not to derail the conversation and avoid the very conversation about race we are trying to have)

Other resources to think about:

Dear White Moms

Tim Wise: Between Barack and a Hard Place

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